Phase 1 of Integrated Life – Completed

Newly built Tree house!
Gazebo/Yoga Kutir, inspired by a honeycomb, featuring a hexagon with 6′ on each side. It is suitable for 2-4 persons.
The first Gazebo/Yoga Kutir is now ready for all lot owners! (with music)

Ready to build Lots!
Ready-to-build lots with a 50’x50′ home pad cleared of trees, flattened, seeded, and covered with straw to prevent soil erosion.
Lovely couple from NJ, Manu & Rajani posing in front of their Lot!
Exit 135 on I-40/85, Integrated Life is 3 miles from here!
Our first terrace farm is ready!
Veggie and Fruit Garden is ready!
Seeded all the veggie beds and planted 30+ apple trees. Thanks to Neela (our new Farm manager-intern), Satya Garu, Sobhana Garu and Family.
Vamshi and Family from Maryland!
Haridoss strikes a pose with his lot in the backdrop!
Chetan & Chaitra: A Young Couple and Sustainable Development Enthusiasts from Holly Springs, NC
For Phase 1, our borewell provides twice the water capacity required to supply 10 homes.
A Japanese skid steer with an Italian mulching head!
We have brought mulching in-house, equipped with the best machinery for Integrated Life.
The Land’s Transformation: A Glimpse After Mulching.
How does the land look after mulching?
Arun and his lovely family visited from Virginia Beach!
Senthil, Ram and Venkat (missing in the photo) visited from Ohio!
Catch a Glimpse of the Thriving Phase 1 in Real Time!
Vedic Drive at Integrated Life
Accumulated mounds of rugged soil, a byproduct of road construction, poised to find new purpose as they await transformation into the bridge linking Phase 1 and Phase 2.
Accumulated mounds of topsoil, a byproduct of road construction, ready to be used for an onsite nursery.
Erosion Control at Its Best!
The grass sprouted along the Vedic Drive.
STOP sign installed as required by NCDOT.
Vedic Drive joining Rock Creek Dairy Road with a Stop Sign.
Implemented erosion and sediment control measures, including traps, before releasing rainwater into the stream.
The actual stream is within the property, and we plan to add a few Yoga Kutir’s alongside.
Integrated Life Rocks!
The current edge of Vedic Drive before it extends into Phase 2.
Listen to the sounds of the stream. Quite meditative!