Integrating Swadharma in Sustaino’s Residential Community Operations

Introduction In the heart of Sustaino's Integrated Life Residential Community, a unique concept flourishes—Swadharma. Rooted...

Phase 1 of Integrated Life – Completed

Newly built Tree house! Gazebo/Yoga Kutir, inspired by a honeycomb, featuring a hexagon with 6'...
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Retire in NC – A Brief Summary of Prakash Buchireddy, Founder and CEO at Sustaino LLC.

"From Crossroads to Creation: My Journey to Creating an Indian Village in North Carolina!" Namaste,...
Oktoberfest invite

Oktoberfest at Integrated Life!

We recently celebrated our inaugural Oktoberfest right here at Integrated Life. The event was a...

Q&A on Sustaino’s Residential Communities (Sep 24, 2023)


Q&A on Sustaino.Life Residential Communities (Partly in Telugu language)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Sustaino’s Integrated Life Community

Q: Where is the property located? A: The property is located in the beautiful town...
Sustaino's Integrated Life Poster

What is Integrated Life?

At Sustaino.Life we recognize that everything is interconnected. When we embrace other systems, we help...