1731 Rock Creek Dairy Rd Whitsett, NC 27377

1731 Rock Creek Dairy Road By Sustaino LLC
May 25, 2022

a. Develop a self-sustainable carbon-neutral community through Integrated Life!

b. The community will have 51 single-family homesites on a 53.74-acre property

c. Each homesite on 9,600 sqft (80*120) 

d. Over 60% of the land (30+ acres) for sustainability features such as agriculture, orchards, floriculture, pasture fields etc., within the community

e. All Homeowners own the Integrated Life features equally

f. Custom homes by the reputed local builders or BYOB

g. A fully fenced 50’-100’ forest/natural area around the community

h. 1.5+ mile walking trails within the community

i. A community kitchen with qualified staff 

j. A greenhouse to grow essential food during winter months

6030 Baux Mountain Rd Winston-Salem, NC 27105

6030 Baux Mountain Rd Winston-Salem, NC 27105

Conveniently located between the cities of Charlotte and Raleigh in central North Carolina.
Exclusive community with 181 lots on a spacious 215+ acre property.
Ideal community if you are looking for a place to downsize your home and lead a relaxed retirement.
Has Community Kitchen with Guest rooms.
Developed by reputed engineers with approvals and support from Guilford county.
A 30’-100’ perimeter greenbelt and 3+ mile nature trails.
Celebrate life to the fullest extent.
Sustaino LLC