Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Sustaino’s Integrated Life Community

Q: Where is the property located?

A: The property is located in the beautiful town of Whitsett, nestled between the cities of Burlingtopriceand Greensboro in North Carolina.

Q: What’s the size of the property?

A: The property spans across 54 acres.

Q: How much state road frontage does the property have?

A: The property boasts at least 1,000 feet of state road frontage.

Q: How many home lots are being planned on the property?

A: There are planned to be 51 home lots on the 54-acre property, with ample land for home and food production. Each lot owner will have around one acre of the fully developed property, with approximately 0.25 acres allocated; the remaining 0.75 will be used for community open spaces, including food production. 

Q: What’s the current stage of the rezoning/approvals from the county/state?

A: The land was successfully acquired in 2021, and Guilford County has approved the rezoning request for integrated life features in September of 2022.

Q: When are you expecting to complete phase 1?

A: We have obtained all the required approvals for Phase 1 development. We expect to commence grading, streets, and utilities by the beginning of July 2023. Home construction is anticipated to begin in the fall.

Q: Would Sustaino build the home or only develop the layout?

A: Sustaino’s main objective is to develop the layout and incorporate sustainability features. We plan to collaborate with existing home builders in the area. We can refer you to pre-qualified builders, or if you prefer, you can bring your own builders. However, all builders must adhere to the construction guidelines and undergo the architectural review committee process. Currently, construction costs range from $150 to $225 per square foot.

The minimum size requirement for homes is set at 1,200 square feet, with no maximum limit. Additionally, homes can have a maximum of four bedrooms.

Q: Who will manage the Farm and Community kitchen?

A: Sustaino LLC will manage the farm operations for the foreseeable future. It will collaborate with various local vendors, residents, interns, volunteers, and neighbors to upkeep the property. Once the community matures and an adequate knowledge base is established, a cooperative society will be formed to continue maintaining the property.

Q: What is Sustaino’s Integrated Life?

A: Sustaino’s Integrated Life is a self-sustaining, eco-friendly residential community that seamlessly blends gardens, farms, and open spaces with modern homes to reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

Q: What are the key features of Integrated Life?

A: Some key features of Sustaino’s Integrated Life include:

Forest cover around the community

Perimeter greenbelt

Agroforestry for fruits

Agriculture to produce locally

Horticulture for honeybee keeping

Cows for fresh Dairy

Renewable energy

No single-use plastics

Chemical-free food production

Sustainable homes

Bio-gas plant

Rainwater harvesting

Community kitchen

Nature trails

Yoga Studio

Medicinal plants

Community center with modern facilities and guest rooms

Q: Is there an age limit or race restrictions to join the community?

A: No, all are welcome to join Sustaino’s Integrated Community.

Q: How is Sustaino different from other developers?

A: Sustaino LLC is a North Carolina-based community developer that specializes in self-sustainable and earth-friendly communities. We are dedicated to developing and following a pattern where consumption integrates with production to reduce carbon footprint.

Q: Is there a medical emergency center nearby?

A: Yes, the property is located 3 minutes from the Guilford County Emergency Medical Center.

Q: How far is it from the cities’ downtown areas?

A: The community is located between the cities of Greensboro, NC, and Burlington, NC, with about a 15-minute drive to either downtown area.

Q: How do Sustaino’s communities achieve carbon neutrality?

A: Sustaino’s communities achieve carbon neutrality through a combination of sustainable practices. By implementing integrated life features like agriculture, orchards, floriculture, and pasture fields within the community, we minimize emissions associated with transportation and plastic waste. Additionally, the use of renewable energy sources and efficient waste utilization further reduces carbon footprints. To ensure carbon neutrality, any remaining emissions are offset by the presence of high oxygen-yielding trees within the community’s 50- to 100-foot greenbelt, along with a 100-foot buffer zone alongside the freshwater stream on the property. These efforts collectively contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly living environment.

Q: What kind of utilities does the developer provide?

A: Sustaino provides fully cleared, ready-to-build homesites with water, sewer, and electricity. Offsite water wells and septic systems alleviate the burden on individual lot owners. Energy will be produced through renewable resources such as solar and bio-gas.

Q: What if I have family or friends that want to visit?

A: Guest rooms will be located within the community center for visitors to stay and experience the integrated lifestyle. Additionally, there are six guest rooms above the kitchen area.

Q: When is the project anticipated to be completed?

A: The development of Phase 1 was completed by the end of 2023, and Phases 2-4 are estimated to be completed by 2026.

Q: How can I get involved in the community?

A: Residents will have the opportunity to participate in community service activities such as gardening and kitchen work for a few hours per week and earn credits. Individuals can choose activities based on their skills and interests. Additionally, there will be a yoga studio and a community center with games and activities for engagement with others.

Q: What can credits be used for?

A: Credits can be exchanged for cooked meals or fresh produce. The credits are transferable and can be sold for cash.

Q: What is the price of a home lot?

A: The development costs are subject to change as we progress. Please reach out to us for the latest pricing information at

Q: What is the estimated HOA?

The Property Owners Association (POA)/Maintenance fee starts from the 4th year onwards and gradually reduces to near-zero due to revenue streams such as B&B, external sales of excess produce, and function hall rental for marriages, etc.

Q: How do I reserve a lot, and what is the total process involved?

A: To reserve a lot, simply place a fully refundable deposit of $1,000. After making the deposit, you will have 2-4 weeks to review all the relevant documents and conduct due diligence before finalizing the sale agreement.

Once you are ready to proceed, a 20% down payment will be required at the time of the sale agreement. The remaining amount can be settled at the time of closing through a bank loan.

Q: What are the cost considerations of Sustaino’s custom homes provided by local reputable builders?

Sustaino provides custom homes by local reputable builders with a minimum size requirement of 1,200 sqft and no maximum limit. Currently, construction costs range from $150 to $225 per sqft.

Q: What steps should I take if I am interested in joining?

A: Contact [email protected] to learn more and pre-order your home.

Q: Will I be leaving behind the advantages of city life?

A: No. The community is located between the cities of Greensboro, NC, and Burlington, NC, with about a 15-minute drive to either downtown area. It is also conveniently located near grocery stores and emergency medical services.

Q: What kind of livestock will be within the community?

A: The community will have cows, goats, and chickens located in the barn quarters.

Q: What crops and produce will be grown within the community?

A: The property is located in hardiness zone 7b, and we will cultivate a variety of fruits, vegetables, and berries that are naturally suited to this climate.

Q: What features will be in the homes to make them sustainable?

A: The homes will feature solar panels on roofs to harvest energy, utilizing renewable resources for energy production such as solar and bio-gas. Other sustainable features include community-level water and septic systems and a biophilic design.

Q: How will self-sustaining operations be continued throughout the winter months?

A: A greenhouse within the community will be used to grow essential food during the winter months. Additional sustainable vendors will be engaged as needed.

Q: Will the buyer own 0.25 acres or more?

A: The buyer owns approximately one acre of land. We have split this into two sections (0.25 acres for the home and 0.75 acres for food production) to simplify food production and give residents more free time. Imagine if a family planned to grow their own food, keep their own cow, and have a chef prepare meals; it’s too expensive and has too many overheads. Hence, we have outsourced all these tasks to the HOA/community, which will handle them professionally for us.

Note: This FAQ is subject to change as the project progresses. For the most up-to-date information, please contact Sustaino LLC at [email protected].